I am

Denver Harris

Certified Life Coach


I am passionate about helping people remove mental and spiritual blocks that keep them stuck, depressed, and unfulfilled.


Even in high school, I had a heart for hurting people. Two of my friends introduce me as "The guy that saved my life". They were down and out, using drugs, missing work, on a destructive path, and I would be there for them, anytime, even in the dead of night.

I would never give up on them. I gave them hard truths, unfiltered, and left them to their devices. But my heart for them and speaking the truth brought them back. They knew I cared.

As a child my mother and I were beaten by my now deceased father. I remember every smack of his fist on her face, the ripping sound of her shirt, the smashing and tipping over of furniture, and her begging and cry for him to stop.

Being a Hypnotherapist, I have to believe the archives of those memories drive my passion to help people know their worth, especially women.

I get choked up, I cry, I feel the pain of those that feel they cannot be who they want to be. I hear their cries for freedom from bondage of others, from the judgment of others, and from their own judgement of themselves.

You were born to be free to create, and explore all you desire. I have decided to dedicate my life to setting people free.

"How many tears will fall tonight?
How many fears will never subside?
How many lives, will lay wasted, in lost dreams?
How many times, will we miss their silent screams?

Time rolls on in their endless world, with no strength to carry on.
The pain they feel knows no bounds, it kills, steals, and destroys.

I want to give to them the life, that you give, make my life, a sacrifice, I choose to die.
Make me a willing vessel, guided by your hands, I'll sacrifice, for them, I chose to die."

*Lyrics from my song "I choose to die", I wrote when I was in my mid 20's. I was born for this. I can help you.

Who is Denver Harris?

Just an extraordinary person... as you are!
You are probably here looking to make your life more fun and exciting, with abundant health and wealth. 
Well, I am here to share what I have discovered about accomplishing that!

  • Biker Dude

    Love Love Love Riding! The FREEDOM! The Open air! Ummm, be right back... I have talked myself into going on a ride.

  • Social Media Dude

    I am in the entertainment industry as an actor, Social Media Personality, VLogger, Podcaster, and Public Speaker. I am a gifted teacher that can break down complex information into simple to understand concepts.

  • Tech Consultant

    Need the toaster to automatically toast when it rains 1" and a black cat walks past your front door? I can make it happen.
    I am always reviewing new technologies and experimenting on how they can work together.

  • Certified Life Coach

    Yep, I have been certified as knowing what I am doing when it comes to helping people, as well as currently being Certified as a Hypnosis Practitioner.
    What I have learned about the human mind is fascinating and amazing!  It has helped me to change the entire course of my life! I have never been more fulfilled!
    I have been Coaching people for over 5 years.

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